Wednesday, 20.6.2018 
Detailed description
Detailed description 1

The two houses are mirror images of each other (total size approx. 150 m2). Each has a spacious living room, sauna area and en-suite bathrooms for each bedroom.

There is one twin bedroom downstairs and the downstairs space is fully wheelchair accessible. The two single bedrooms are upstairs, together with four twin bedrooms. All with luxurious beds – no bunk beds! Two covered and heated terraces: a large one adjacent to the living room and a covered “cooling off” terrace in the sauna area.

Both houses are fully equipped with everything from washing machines to tumble driers and drying rooms. The living room boasts a large flat-screen TV, DVD and CD player and stereos, as well as an impressive design stone fireplace.

Floor plans:
1st floor:

1st floor

2nd floor:

2nd floor
Puttipolku 4
99130 Sirkka